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How to Choose the Right Dog Food

When you stroll down a pet food aisle, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. There are 100% natural, protein packed, grain-filled, organic ingredients, fillers, no fillers and more. What does it all mean? What should a dog owner look for in a reputable, nutritious and delicious tasting pet [...]

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How to Tell If Your Pet is Destined for Stardom

When friends come over does your pet steal the spotlight from you? Does your pet have what it takes to make it big in Hollywood? Here are some telltale signs to know if your pet is cut out for show business.Your Pet Exhibits Star PersonalityFor a pet to reveal star quality is different [...]

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What You Need in the House Before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a new dog is an exciting time for the entire household. You are bringing home a new addition to the family. It is a loving, happy, high-energy time for everyone. But there are a few things to keep in mind ensuring the transition is a positive experience for your pup and [...]

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Satisfy Your Dog’s Taste Buds through Pet Treats

Some dogs have a variety of food preferences just like in humans. There are meticulous eaters, while others have no problem eating anything. Certain ingredients may cause one dog to fall ill while the other is not affected. You need to take note of what type of eater is your dog and [...]

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Summer Pet Care Tips – Part 2

Summer is quickly approaching and it is time to start thinking about how to take of your pets in the midst of the heat. Nutritious pet treats help your pet stay fit, but there are summer hazards you need to steer your pet clear of ensuring you keep your pet safe throughout the summer [...]

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Summer Pet Care Tips-Part 1

Summer months are approaching. The weather is getting warmer, and it is time to play in the sun. But how do you keep your pets cool during these hot months? Here are a few tips on how to keep your animals chill even while the outside numerical degrees are on the rise.Produce [...]

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How to Improve Your Dog’s Health

                                                                            Your dog is part of the family. You need to watch your dog’s waistline as well as your [...]

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How to Train Your Pup with Dog Treats

Bringing home a new dog into your house is an exciting moment for the entire family. But how do you teach a dog the “down” command ensuring your new pup lays down calmly when someone walks into the room? The key to positive reinforcement training is tasty dog treats. Here are some [...]

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Top Pet Names

Rover.com, a website that connects dog owners with pet sitters, has published its list of the top 10 male and female dog names for 2013, based on their U.S. database of several hundred thousand registered clients.The most popular male dog name last year was Max, and once again, Bella topped the list for females.“We know [...]

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Teach Dog “Go to Your Spot” with Pet Treats

It is refreshing to walk into a friend’s house that has a calm and relaxed dog.  What if your dog was able to lay down in a particular spot while the rest of the family and guests sit for dinner. It makes the entire household feel serene. But how do you achieve this goal? What [...]

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