CBD for use with pets... good, bad, healthy, harmful?

CBD for use with pets…good, bad, healthy, harmful?

I wanted to start this blog with a testimony from my niece, Char.

 When my beautiful Oliver, a St. Bernard, was diagnosed with bone cancer, I was devastated.  The doctor told me that with his advanced age, there wasn’t much I could do except manage his pain. Not being a ‘believer’, but willing to try anything, I had some Dr. Becker CBD Bites shipped to me.  About 30 minutes after the first dose, he was calm and definitely in less pain; he sat on his bed and watched me work in the kitchen. I left the house, and when I returned he was sleeping peacefully.  He wasn’t drugged - he woke up as soon as I came in the door and got up to greet me, his whole demeanor was different.

 I decided to try the CBD Bites with Sedona, my 14 year old Golden Retriever, who had developed a skin condition that caused welts and severe irritation.  A typical Golden, she was always calm, but she did try to lick and scratch the medication off of her wounds.  After the success with Oliver, I wasn’t surprised that soon after she had her CBD snack, she lost interest in licking and scratching the welts.  Yay!!! 

 I’ve since lost both Oliver and Sedona, but I do still have my two elderly Papillons.  Aspen has had 2 near-fatal injuries in her lifetime, leaving her in moderate pain and very worried about being picked up or ‘messed with’ in any way.  Bath time and nail trimming are a HUGE ordeal, now, a few crumbs of CBD Bites, (she’s only 5 pounds) takes the edge off enough that I can keep her clean and keep her nails trimmed. Anyone who has a dog who is averse to nail trimming, Dr. Becker’s CBD Bites are a Godsend!

 I’ve tried 2 other brands of CBD for my dogs when I ran out of Dr Becker’s CBD Bites, but the taste of both of them wasn’t appealing, and Aspen won’t eat them.  All of my dogs have always loved every flavor of Dr. Becker’s Bites, and the CBD are no different!  I’m grateful to have this ‘weapon’ at my disposal to help with so many dog-mom moments.


So, CBD for use with pets…good, bad, healthy, harmful?  Lots of questions and lots of confusion! We would like to address this issue because we are promoting and selling a CBD Treat in our Solutions line and we want you to be as knowledgeable and comfortable with CBD as is possible. To be honest, there is much research still needed and much we all have yet to learn about this controversial, hot topic. My daughter, the vet, Dr. Karen Becker, has stayed on top of the current research and works closely with some of the top doctors and researchers in the CBD space.

Let’s try to clear some of the confusion first. CBD, or Cannabidiol, is not medical marijuana. As pet owners, we must understand that CBD for pets is typically extracted from hemp plants, and even when extracted from marijuana, both sources can contain less than 0.3% of THC (the fraction that gets mammals “high”), so these products fall within the legal limits of being safe and effective herbal remedies with no psychoactive properties, whatsoever.

Because marijuana plants can contain more than 0.3% THC, people erroneously assume everything extracted from marijuana plants makes pets high, which also isn’t the case. However, to help reduce legal issues and confusion, most companies have turned to hemp-derived extractions (verses marijuana).

Hemp has no psychoactive properties, and many researchers feel hemp-derived CBD has a wider range of medical benefits.  As pet owners we must also understand that exposure to marijuana can be toxic for our pets.  

So why are we as pet owners seeking out CBD products? My daughter, the doctor of Dr. Becker’s Bites, recently interviewed two vocal proponents of CBD for pets, Dr. Rob Silver and Dr. Celeste Yarnell.  The list of health issues that can be positively affected with CBD rich hemp oil is long and impressive according to these two leaders.

Dr. Yarnell[MOU1] ’s interview grabbed my attention, particularly with her interest not only in using CBD with her pets, but her own health as well. A cancer survivor, she researched deeply into alternative options to help her deal with side effects from her conventional cancer treatments. She discovered that CBD-rich hemp oil was effective at reducing the negative side-effects of chemo.

She also had a cat who became very stressed during her cancer treatment, so also tried a drop of CBD, mixed with a drop of oil from a can of wild caught sardines and rubbed it on her kitty’s gums. It was effective in reducing her cat’s stress. She said that in cats, CBD can control pain, inflammation, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, to name just a few.

Dr. Rob Silver, a veterinarian and herbalist, also caught my attention because he, like my daughter, is an alternative, holistic vet. He explains that one of the most common applications for CBD is for anxiety and behavior issues in dogs. It seems to work very well at low dosages for hyper dogs, he has found, in conjunction with behavior modification. Further, cannabinoids have a strong affinity for the brain and nervous tissue and are able to easily cross the blood-brain barrier. This makes them helpful for certain types of seizure disorders as well as applications like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Pain management is another area where CBD products shine, even in cases of cancer pain. Dr. Silver described a dog that had bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and was in a great deal of pain. The owner decided to offer cannabinoids (CBD) to his pet, and after just five days, the dog was able to begin putting weight on the leg with the tumor. 

Research is backing up the health benefits of CBD. Research, at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, using CBD for the treatment of epilepsy in dogs, is scheduled for publication later this year. And a study recently completed at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine showed a significant reduction in pain and an increase in activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.  The research team is currently conducting a similar trial with cats. Additional studies are planned to evaluate the use of CBD oil in treating acute pain, behavior issues and during chemotherapy for pets with cancer.

Dr. Becker recommends, “If you’re already using a CBD product or are considering one, try to get a “Certificate of Analysis” which should show you how much THC is in the product (it should never be over 0.3%), how it’s made, is it full spectrum or an isolate, and whether it’s organic and free of pesticides and other chemicals.” One of her most important pieces of advice relating to CBD products is that if you don’t think you see improvement with one brand, try several others, as potency, strain, spectrum, extraction technique and a variety of other factors ultimately impact the efficaciousness of the end product.

Dr. Becker’s Bites is proud to offer a delicious CBD treat that has supported many animals with a variety of health issues. Our CBD oil is manufactured in a GMP facility that guarantees the potency, purity and consistency of each batch, and was personally recommended to us as the best option for our treats by Dr. Silver the veterinarian we trust most when it comes to CBD research and manufacturing. 




We regularly receive powerful testimonies from pet parents who say this treat really changed their pets’ lives, I wanted to share a few of them with you:









When you know that your four-legged child is in pain, you do all that you can to alleviate it. After months on vet prescribed pain pills, she was still hurting. This caused her to be anti-social. She cried when you picked her up, but couldn’t walk far on her own. And had no use of her back legs for stairs. She growled at other pets if they got close because she was afraid they would bump her, jostle her and cause her pain. Within minutes of using the CBD Bites, we could see complete pain relief, not just minor pain reduction. She runs and plays. Crawls in our lap and asks for attention. It’s like having our girl back.

Posted by Shelly



My French Bulldogs love these treats. They are awesome and perfect for anxiety and pain.

Posted by Unknown



I have a PBGV who is 14 years old…he tore his tendon and he underwent a procedure to repair. I have been giving him a combination of the joint/tendon solutions and 2 CBD bites in the morning and it is working very well…he is completely off prescribed pain meds from the vet…walking without limp and enjoying life and walks!!! Dr. Becker’s Bites are the very best and they work!!

Posted by Barb



My older cat has lymphoma. CBD seems to settle down her digestive system, improve her coat and she loves the flavor. I crush the treats and sprinkle on her food. While this will not extend her life, the quality of her life has improved and I am grateful.

Posted by Eliz



I had been searching for months for a CBD treat that my cats would eat. I have 6 cats and 2 really benefit from CBD. One that is old and getting lost at night and the other has aggression issues. Both issues have greatly subsided with adding CBD to their daily routines. The issue was at first they hated the oils, it was a negative experience. Dr. Becker’s CBD Bites have been a life saver for my house hold. I even had to buy the regular bites because all of my cats come to get a treat now.

Posted by Ashley



I have one big complaint. Maddie knows where the treats and CBD bites are kept and she begs and barks until I give in and give her some. She is still taking therapy from surgery on her leg so I give her CBD Bites before we leave and she gets thru therapy with flying colors.

Posted by Carolyn