About Us

 We Are the Becker’s 



The Becker family has devoted our lives to educating dog and cat owners to the nutritional needs of dogs and cats in order to allow their pets not just to survive, but to THRIVE!  As a family, we share a love for animals that is inherent in each of us from a very early age.  Our mission is to share what we have learned with other pet owners who seek the absolute best life for their four-legged companions. 


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Dr. Becker’s Bites History 

Twenty three years ago, Karen asked her mother to bake some special treats for her own personal pets because single ingredient protein treats simply did not exist at the time.  After experimenting with different ingredients and baking methods in her kitchen, the first batch of treats were sent to Karen.  Her dogs and cats, and even her crocodile went NUTS over the treats and Karen asked for another batch of “Bites” to place in her clinic.  They sold out within hours and Dr. Becker’s Bites was officially born.  Today, Dr. Becker’s Bites is a 3 generation family owned business devoted to providing pets with the absolute tastiest, healthiest treats available on the market.  To learn even more about our history, CLICK HERE.

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Who is Dr. Karen Becker 

Karen Shaw Becker is the most followed veterinarian in the world, and for good reason.  She believes in a deliberate, common sense approach to creating and maintaining vibrant health for companion animals and an unconventional, integrative approach to addressing disease and reestablishing well-being in ill pets.  This refreshing, proactive approach that intentionally focuses on creating or restoring health has been embraced by millions of pet lovers around the world.  To learn even more about Dr. Karen Becker, CLICK HERE.

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Why Pets love Dr. Becker’s Bites

 Dogs and cats are domesticated carnivores.  In fact, the dog and wolf share the same species name – Canis Lupis.  Cats are even more carnivorous (obligate carnivores) than dogs, and of course the primary source of a carnivore’s diet is meat.  Yet only a small handful of dogs and cats receive the diet their bodies are designed for.  This is why Dr. Karen Becker asked her mother to make some treats specifically designed for dogs and cats that has only ONE ingredient – MEAT.  To learn even more about our treats, CLICK HERE.

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