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Why Dr. Becker's Bites?

Three reasons to serve Dr. Becker's Bites to your pet:

  1. Trust:  Dr. Karen Becker is one of world's leading wellness veterinarians.
  2. Nutrition:  Dr. Becker's Bites are liver based, from beef, bison, venison, and lamb, all of which are USDA human grade or organic.
  3. Taste:  Pets love the taste of our grain-free dog treats.  They taste and smell like pure meat because they are!

Dr. Karen Becker is the industry leader in the field of wellness veterinary medicine.  She has been practicing for 21 years and is the one whom vets around the world turn to when they need answers to questions about health and nutrition for pets.    One of the main reasons Dr. Becker created her wellness dog treats was that after researching the market, she realized that there were no products available that she could recommend to her clients.

Everyone agrees that nutrition should be of primary concern when purchasing wellness dog treats.  Are you offering your dog healthy and wholesome snacks?  If you're not sure, take a closer look at the ingredient list on your current dog treat bag and then compare it to Dr. Becker's Bites.  How long is the ingredient list?  Does it contain grains of any kind, ie rice, wheat, corn, oats, soy etc?   Does it contain any filler?  Does it use only human grade USDA inspected meat?   You get only the best quality ingredients with Dr. Becker's Bites--quality you can trust and rely on.

Dr. Becker's wellness dog treats are the ultimate healthy dog snacks!

  • Dogs are designed to process meat not carbs.  Our organic dog treats contain absolutely no fillers or preservatives.
  • Our treats are also ideal for pets dealing with obesity, allergies, kidney/liver issues, diabetes, cancer and other health-related issues. 
  • You won't fine a higher quality single protein treat on the market.
  • Dr. Becker's Bites are baked right here in the USA.
  • Dr. Becker's wellness treats are baked fresh to order, the way all food should be.
  • Our ingredients are Premium A.  Same as you would get at a butcher's market.
  • Dogs choose their food by smell…our treats smell like pure meat because they ARE pure meat.  A choice that is irresistible to dogs!

Our Products

The original Dr Becker’s Bites   (beef, bison and veggie) are a great healthy dog snack;  their benefits can also apply to pets experiencing numerous health and fitness issues.

Dr. Becker's Solutions Bites, similar to the Original Becker’s Bites takes  these organic dog treats one step further by integrating natural herbs and supplements into our wellness dog treats.   The Solutions line offers convenient ways to help your pet deal with a variety of health related issues, including: 

  • Joint Support
  • Gut/GI
  • Heart
  • Geriatric
  • Stress/calming

Dr. Becker's Solutions Shakers offer a coarsely ground form of the Solutions Bites as an appetite stimulant for those dogs who need encouragement eating.

Dr. Becker's Appetite Stimulant is a flake form of our treat.  Many pets are finicky eaters, which can be frustrating for both of you.  By sprinkling a little of our solutions Shakers* over their food, they're guaranteed to start eating at meal time. 

Dr. Becker's Bites is a single protein dog treat, that's right, a single protein.  That means there is only one protein source… beef liver or bison liver, nothing else!

We are the standard in the wellness dog treat industry.  Eight years ago, there were only a few 'organic dog treats' companies on the market, none of them doing it right.  The industry has grown tremendously because of pet owner's heightened awareness of their pet's health and nutrition.  Unfortunately, although the industry has grown, most of them are still not doing it right. 

  • using rendered meat not approved for human consumption
  • adding grains
  • using food coloring and/or preservatives
  • using inferior meat meals
  • adding fillers and/or by-products 

Read the ingredient list and learn what they are actually feeding your loved ones.  Beware of the word 'healthy'.  Many of the so called 'healthy dog snacks' on the market contain one or more of the above.  Dr. Becker's Bites do not contain ANY of the contaminations listed above.  Our  bites have one high quality ingredient,  beef liver or bison liver,  nothing else!

When will you see results?

You will see immediate results with your dog's first taste of pure meat!  These wellness dog treats are truly irresistible, made from 100% pure USDA Inspected (human grade) liver, which is what a carnivore was designed to eat in the first place!

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