Improve The Health Of Your Pet With Holistic Treatment Dog Heart Disease

Holistic treatment dog heart disease is for those who have a canine suffering from heart problem. People who keep pets are very attached to them and consider them as a part of their family. Finding out about any disease that a pet suffers from keeps many pet owners worried and tensed.


One of these conditions that is heartbreaking for any canine owner is the heart disease. To understand how this situation comes about, it is important to understand what congestive heart failure is and comprehend the treatment that can be given.


Congestive Heart Failure Is Common In DogsWith growing age, the heart chambers of the canine become deformed. This decreases its efficiency of pumping blood in the system and blood circulation slows down. While in some canines, it is found that the walls of the chamber have grown thick, in others it can be found that the walls are stretched thinly while the heart becomes enlarged. Symptoms show in the form of heavy breathing, excess salivating, fatigue and listlessness along with a pale tongue and mouth.


This situation in painful for canine and distressing for its owners who tend to the animal that is suffering pain. Dogs are one of the most popular pets and thus there have been a lot of studies conducted on how to heal it naturally when it suffers congestive heart problem. Today the results of those studies are publicly acknowledged. There are holistic treatment dog heart disease.


Regular Exercise Helps A well known and one of the best ways that brings in results after a while is exercise. Known to be one of the holistic treatment for dog heart disease, regular exercise of your canine can help him improve his cardiovascular muscles and system, letting it function properly again.


There are exercises that have been created simply for strengthening the cardiovascular muscles of the canine. One can play catch the bone or frisbee with the pet, one can jog or take long walks. It is essential to monitor the pet canine's behavior pattern. If it feels tired, it is essential that a trip to the vet is made immediately.


Rich But Low Sodium FoodAnother integral part of this treatment is regular supervision of his food. The pet canine should be offered food that is rich in nutrients but low in sodium. Nutrients like calcium, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Taurine and L-caritine are important for a dog suffering from cardiovascular problem. These nutrients can be easily found in fish or sea food.


The best idea is to offer home made food prepared naturally, rather than processed pet foods that almost always contain preservatives and other chemicals that may harm your canine's digestive system. The best food to give is to mix organic whole grains with meat. You can also feed vegetable like carrots, broccoli and beetroot that increase the efficiency of the heart for pumping blood.


Herbal SupplementsHawthorne is a good herbal supplement for your pet canine suffering from these major problems. Herbal supplements are another holistic treatment dog heart disease that can help to develop walls of the heart's artery.