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Two Common Dog Care Tips to Consider Before Adopting a Pet

There are common dog care tips to remember when adopting a new dog. Here is a basic outline of what you need to keep in mind and think about when determining to become a responsible dog owner.Prepare for the CostJust like kids, dogs have living expenses that need to be paid. There are [...]

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Summer Vacation with Your Pets

Summertime means one thing, summer vacation. So why not pack up the car, gather family members and friends, and head to the closest beach. But what about your pets? How are you supposed to travel without them? Do you leave them behind? Well, don’t leave them home alone. It [...]

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The Ins and Outs of Dog Exercise

Dogs need exercise. They have energy that needs to be expended and if you do not provide your dog with ample exercise then the energy comes out in destructive behavior. This is why some dogs chew and tear up inappropriate objects unsuited for such behavior. But how do you know how much exercise [...]

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Obtain Positive Behavior by Taking Away Pet Treats

Your dog needs to experience consequences in an effective manner. One way to achieve this goal is to control the timing of the rewards your dog attains. For instance, if your dog does something positive then you provide a delicious pet treat right away. But what if your dog exhibits undesirable behavior, [...]

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Chocolate and Dogs Do Not Mix

Chocolate is not a healthy pet treat. It is a lethal food product to dogs. It causes life-threatening complications. Here we take an inside look at chocolates, dogs and the symptoms to identify determining if further medical attention is needed.Dogs Like ChocolateDogs become very addicted to chocolate, but it is not healthy [...]

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Inside Tips to Running with Your Dog

If your dog is used to going on walks with you versus running, then you need to retrain your dog during runs. Here is the lowdown on how to run with your dog on a leash successfully with positive reinforcement.Come Equipped with Pet TreatsWhen going on walks with my dog, my dog tends to [...]

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How to Throw Your Dog a Birthday Party with Tasty Pet Treats

Dogs love birthday parties, and why would they not? The parties are filled with delicious pet treats, entertainment, playtime, fun and many other canines to celebrate with. Here are some things to consider when putting together your next dog birthday party.LocationYou need to think about where to have the party. It has [...]

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3 Essential Nutrients Your Dog Needs to Live a Bountiful Life

Every dog needs certain nutrients to live a healthy, disease-free life. Here is a list of the top three essentials to ensure your dog has a well-balanced diet.Provide Animal Protein Pet TreatsProteins are a fundamental part of your dog’s diet. Without protein, your dog would not be able to grow a strong foundation of [...]

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An Overview of Pet Treat Training

Training your dog to repeat positive behavior does not have to be a taxing task. It can fun and a bonding experience for the both of you. But you need to know how to acknowledge the desirable behavior and encourage your dog to repeat it. The best way experts have discovered to accomplish [...]

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An Inside Look at Positive Reinforcement

In some households, parents provide rewards to their kids for completing chores or excelling in school. This is a type of positive reinforcement. It motivates a child to perform desirable behavior. In dogs, this same technique works but with tasty pet treats. The dog is motivated to achieve such acts due to [...]

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