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About Us

Dr. Becker's Bites Mission!

For 20 years, Dr. Becker’s Bites has been the front-runner of the pet industry with creative, healthy and tasty treats for dogs and cats.  Our mission is to continue leading the pet treat division by educating dog and cat owners on the nutritional needs of their companions and by creating new and innovative protein treats geared to the health and wellness of each and every pet.  


Dr. Becker's Bites History

Dr. Becker’s Bites was born out of necessity! Karen Becker, DVM, NMD asked her mother to bake some healthy treats for her own  personal pets. Knowing that grain-free, wholesome 100% meat treats were essentially nonexistent, she suggested a few ideas for her mother to try. After six months of experimenting with different ingredients and baking methods in her kitchen, the first batch of treats came out of the oven and were sent to Karen. Karen’s dogs and cats, and even a crocodile, went nuts over the treat and Karen asked for another order of the “Bites” to place in her clinic. They sold out within hours and Dr. Becker’s Bites was officially born. Today Dr. Becker’s Bites is a 3 generation family owned business.  Karen has lent her name to the products, satisfied with the quality that her title bears.

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Who is Dr. Becker?

Karen Becker, DVM, NMD is arguably one of the country’s most respected vets on animal nutrition, health and wellness. She has been featured on the hit television program Animal Planet and her knowledge on pet nutrition and willingness to share that knowledge has led Dr. Becker to become one of the most sought after speakers at national conventions and seminars.

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Why Pets love Dr. Beckers

Dogs and cats are domesticated carnivores. In fact, because the dog and wolf are genetically identical, both share the same species name – Canis Lupis. Cats are even more carnivorous than dogs, and all carnivores eat meat. Yet only a small handful of dogs and cats receive the pure meat their digestive systems are designed for. In fact, nearly 70% of all dogs and cats are allergic to grain… their digestive systems simply weren’t made to process grain.

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whitney-rupp-karen-edited2.pngWhy Becker's Bites?

1.  Trust: Dr Karen Becker is one of North America’s leading wellness veterinarians.
2.  Nutrition: Dr Becker’s Bites are made from 100% USDA inspected human grade beef, beef liver, bison liver and bison heart, with no grain or filler of any kind.
3.  Taste: Pets love the taste of our grain-free dog treats.  They taste and smell like pure meat because they are!

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Dr. Becker Bites in the News

Dr. Becker's Bites have been seen on CNN, listed in the Whole Dog Journal and an article written about them in the Daily Journal. 

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